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Myanmar Travel Agent Reviews

"One of the best trips to a fascinating country... I was surprised that the hotels and services were so great."

Matt Drozd, PA (215-925-4831)

"I can highly recommend this trip to people looking for a different travel experience…the people are so kind….the pagodas are awesome"

Elaine Taylor, FL (352-735-6060)

"A place that Rudyard Kipling found most interesting and different. A must see destination on any travelers list".

Kathy Symons, CA (626-355-6520)

"Travel to Myanmar (Burma) is a glance to an era where the British ruled and left their mark, yet retained the Buddhist way of life. The trip was well planned and executed. Highly recommend a visit."

Bruce Haley, UT (801-583-5235)

"Myanmar is more beautiful than we expected...The hotels are so charming and elegant...The guides are the most caring and efficient in every respect. We are glad that we came as Myanmar has been on our list of countries to visit for a long time."

Linda Vargo & John Harper, CA (949-499-8266)

"Myanmar is most welcoming to tourists despite the negative reports. It is truly an unusual country with the friendliest people. Travel there before it becomes more popular and tourists start flocking in. The history and cultures will amaze you. The natural beauty of Inle Lake is breathtaking".

Diane Bernard, FL (850-234-2963)

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